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Welcome to the PINK CITY!

​A small town that seems like a ghost town, PINK CITY continues to reflect the inner life of its inhabitants. Desolate and lonely is the soul, that the hunger for love and attention starts to get unbearable. The disappearance of Katharina interrupts the silence and the cruelty begins. The film is intended to guide the viewer both visually and psychologically in a very mystical way to a fictional city whose characters have dark secrets to hide and where each one plays with the fire.

It’s about cheating, trust, disappointment, anger, crime, and the search for seemingly true love. For good as well as evil in human. This project reflects our everyday life. The lonely, alienating life in the city of Berlin, in which the individual districts seem like little towns, as each district practices different rules and habits. That’s why the shooting have take place in Berlin-Lankwitz, -Pankow and -Spandau. Three Berlin districts, East and West as inspiration for the fictional city of PINK CITY.

​The film is dedicated to Melanie Rehberger and has private and emotional backgrounds as well as parallels to the story. PINK CITY FILM is the second short film produced by FRIDAMOVIES.